Investing In Silver - Why The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Is The Best Silver Bullion Coin To Buy

The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin is a beautiful, high quality, pure silver bullion coin that is highly sought after by collectors and investors around the world. The Maple Leaf coin was first produced in a gold bullion version in 1979 by The Royal Canadian Mint. The silver version was first minted in 1988.


Each silver maple leaf coin contains one full ounce of pure silver.

It has a certified purity of .999 fine silver. Its diameter measures 38.0 mm.

It has a thickness of 3.29 mm.

It has a static design.

A sculpture of Britan's Queen Elizabeth II is featured on the coin's obverse.

A maple leaf, which is Canada's national symbol, is featured on the reverse.

It has a face value of $5.00 Canadian dollars.

Interesting Facts:

Three head images of Queen Elizabeth II were issued, ranging from a young to an older version of the Queen.

In 1998, a 10 oz version was minted to honor the coin's 10th anniversary.

In 1999, to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the program, Silver Maple Leafs were minted with a privy mark.

A privy mark with fireworks was featured on the 2000 edition coin.


The one ounce silver Maple Leaf coins are also available in gold, palladium, and platinum

Special edition Maple Leaf versions were issued. They include colored, hologram, Olympic, privy mark, and special issues.

Most Unusual:

In 1998, The Royal Canadian Mint minted a very limited number of special edition Silver Maple Leaf coins. These $5 coins displayed a smallI 'Titanic ship" Privy Mark. The Privy Mark was located on the reverse side of the coin, below the Maple Leaf design. The coins were issued to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. The worldwide mintage of the coin was limited to just 26,000 and most were purchased by a private collector.

Reasons to Buy:

The silver Maple Leaf has the highest purity of any government minted silver coin

Its purity, weight, and content are certified by the Canadian government.

The coin has 'official legal tender' status in Canada

It has the highest face value of any one ounce silver bullion coin that is minted by the government.

It is the lowest minted North American silver coin.


The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coin is a beautiful, yet affordable way to invest in silver bullion. Because of its high quality and exceptional purity, this coin is often the top pick for both discerning collectors and investors alike. These silver bullion coins would be a suberb addition to any silver investor's portfolio!

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